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      Overcoming pain and building

A Resilient Life


Life Happens...

...and some of it is hard and unwanted.


Sometimes any of us can be temporarily overwhelmed by life events. This may be the time for you to reach out to understand how current and past events are affecting you today, to remember and build on the skills and inner strengths which have seen you through in the past, and to chart a course forward.


I believe each person (child, teen, adult) has a natural inclination towards health and healing. You already have the resources you need within you. As a therapist, it is a privilege to truly get to know you, to help you reconnect with your strengths and purpose, and rediscover your resilient core. 


And it is a joy to know that as you heal, you too will be a healing presence for others.

Resilience is the ability to handle the curve balls life inevitably throws at us, to bounce back and to go on living a full and meaningful life.

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Specializing in Individual and Family Therapy for:


Anxiety and stress reactions serve a valuable purpose. They alert us to danger and rev up our physiological resources to prepare us to respond with fight, flight, or freezing.


They become a problem when they occur too often, at the wrong times, or don't subside after danger passes.


Divorce is tough - whether you were married a long or short time, whether you are 20 or 65, whether you have kids or not. It affects the whole family - spouses, parents, children, grandparents.


It's normal to struggle for awhile - and therapy can help you through.


Depression has many faces. We think of it as sadness, but it often looks like irritability, hopelessness, loss of interest in things we used to enjoy, changes in sleep or eating, listlessness, trouble concentrating, self-blame or guilt.


There is help for depression.

Children / Parents

"If my parents had brought me to counseling when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't have to be here today." As this young adult client understood, adverse childhood events can have long term impact.


He also knew that timely therapy can build resilient children who grow into healthy adults.


Trauma isn't always the big "T" trauma we associate with post traumatic stress disorder - like serious injury/illness, abuse, death, violent attacks, natural disaster, war.


Little "t" trauma - like bullying, harassment, chronic stress, lost relationships, infidelity - also hurts.

You don't have to face it alone.

& Clinical Supervision

You're a recent grad working on advanced licensure. Or you're in a busy agency or practice and could use support to hone your skills and manage the pressures of your work.


I'm an experienced clinical supervisor who is committed to supporting new professionals. 

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